"Ayurveda changed my life"

In 1999 I felt lost and I found the message that saved me: "We are what we are capable of digesting and assimilating". Something clicked in me and sparked a passion that lives on today. I started to investigate everything about Ayurveda, and a unique opportunity came to go to India to learn this ancient wisdom with the best teachers. Throughout twelve years I traveled to India, training with the wisest and, although it was really hard, I managed to assimilate that knowledge in its entirety, in each of my cells. I realized that this information was too coarse in its entirety to be able to share it and help, so I decided to synthesize this knowledge, obtaining the useful nectar that I share with you today. This is how Arturveda (Arturo's knowledge) was built.

My motivation and passion to help has led me to give courses and round tables in more than 40 cities throughout Spain, as well as in France, Germany, Colombia, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. I have published my first cookbook according to the qualities of each person through the principles of Ayurveda philosophy.

➜ Extracted from https://arturveda.com/sobre-mi/