"He always had the vocation to help others so he left his position in a multinational in the world of luxury to dedicate himself to private consultation and training. Several years ago he found that he can receive messages from spiritual beings and now he is dedicated to sharing those messages with the general public.

You can watch their videos, attend public channels or request their books by mail. The last one is THE MASTER OF LOVE, and the previous ones are WE ARE LIGHT and A SOUL CALLED AXEL. In LOVING LADY GAIA and in AN AMUSEMENT PARK CALLED LIFE, she is co-author with Carlos Noah, where she shares some of her most beautiful channeling. It also organizes online training workshops so that each person can interact with their own Guides and Teachers without the need for intermediaries. Ask for information about your Canalization School remotely since everyone can train with it from anywhere in the world. "(Amadaselina.com)

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/amadaselina